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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Daring "Palette"

As far as I'm concerned, eating is an art form; especially when it comes to refining your palate and broadening your mind to embrace the exotic. Exotic and amazingly delicious is just what my boyfriend and I recently found deep in the heart of San Antonio... Kohinoor, a little "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant serving up authentic and scrumptious Pakistani food. Most places scrimp on expensive spices and Kohinoor is not one of those places. Each dish is laden with beautiful and colorful spices and the flavor mirrors that.

Kohinoor. 8513 Starcrest Dr., San Antonio, TX. 78217
The owners and employees couldn't be more welcoming and friendly. They helped guide us through our selections, laughing along with us at our novice in the area of Pakistani cuisine. AND, they remembered us and how many times we had visited each time we stepped in the front door. I felt pretty special, not gonna lie. I couldn't urge my friends and family more to branch out and go on an adventure to Kohinoor for some yummy yummy food! Here are my suggestions for anyone cool enough to venture out and try something new!

Apparently, I was informed by my boyfriend that I was a freak for LOVING the salty lassi drink and I raised the brow of Ali, the restaurant owner's son, when I ordered it,  but I think its so refreshing and exactly what I want to drink on a hot summer day in San Antonio. Truth be told, I have had a salty Lassi before, one of my friends in college who was from Karachi, Pakistan introduced me and I acquired the taste for it. Basically, it is a traditional yogurt-based drink that is blended with water and regional spices (sometimes mint too-my fav).

The Butter chicken (pictured above) is one of our all time favs. Look at all of the herbs and spices in there, its unreal to find this high quality at such a reasonable price. This dish is pretty spicy, but I am a complete and total spice wuss. Despite the inferno in my mouth, I couldn't stop eating it because it was so so so so so so so good!

  Pictured above is the chicken karahi. AMAZING as well. The chicken was so tender it almost fell off the bone before I could eat it. The naan is as close as you can get to heaven, it tastes like you're eating a warm fluffy cloud. Honestly, I've not had one sub-par dish at Kohinoor. It isn't all that spicy, just has a lil zing to it. 

I've got a lot more to try on the menu and am sure that each new dish will be as tasty, high quality and authentic as the latter. If you're lookin' to spice up your life, I HIGHLY recommend swinging by Kohinoor!

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  1. omgg!! I'm Shehreeze! The owner's daughter!! Thank you soooo much for writing this!! This is sooo nice :) Next time yall come, please tell me you are the one's who wrote this!! Thank you!! I love you guys lol :)